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Silence The Ego


“Ego says, Once everything falls into place, I will find peace.

Spirit says, Find peace and everything will fall into place.”

The ego is a master manipulator. It convinces one to listen to the mind, but fails to produce anything beyond temporary results. It relies on the human need for instant gratification and feeds the belief that when everything is perfect, then I can find peace or then I will be ready to begin. For example when January 1st comes, then I’ll start working out. Or when I return from my vacation, then I’ll start my new spiritual practice. It creates such a high need for perfection, recognition, and competency that it prevents you from doing anything.

Spirit sends you the formula for a permanent fix. The harder less traveled path. The journey within and self discovery. It relies on you listening to your heart and trusting the process. It involves learning to become comfortable with beginning a task, project, goal, or practice when it doesn’t seem like the perfect time. Because in the grand scheme of things, there is never a perfect time. If there is, I would say that the perfect time is now. It must be coming to the forefront of your consciousness for a reason. I would imagine to be heard.

Find tranquility internally and your world will become more in your favor externally. Integrate what you are trying to accomplish into your regular day to day routine as if it had the same level of priority as eating, sleeping, or breathing. Silence the ego, start working towards something, and watch how things in your life start to fall into place.

– C.H.

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