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What Are We?

I had an interesting thought process the other day. Try to stay with me on this.

No one has the exact same life as me. There are over 7 billion people on this planet and none of us have the exact same human experience. This makes each of our lives and perspectives unique. Then I took it another step further to find out how unique.

Science tells us that nothing exists until you look at it. Light flows into a hole in your eye, hits your optic nerve, and sends an electrical impulse to the brain. Your brain takes this information and creates an image to show you what you are looking at. In other words, our consciousness creates the image or reality we live in. However, if that’s the case then that creation goes beyond the room you are in right now. If everything you see is an image you are creating within your mind or consciousness, you would essentially be creating the entire universe. Then I took this thought another step further.

We all process sensory information slightly different. Something that is pleasing to one ear, may not be to another. Same with taste or touch. If you have ten people describe what they see in a painting, they will all say something different. If that’s the case and we incorporate it with what I discussed earlier, the consciousness of the person next to me must be creating a different image, a different universe than mine.

What does this tell us? If I am creating my universe through consciousness, then it must be coming from within me. I must be projecting my universe. I must be a universe — and so are you.

– C.H.

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