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Two Rivers

A poem exploring the power of coming together.

Two rivers, separated by distance —

separate entities.

Flowing at different paces,

Facing different barriers within the beds of their waters.

As water,

You share the same properties,

Same chemical makeup.

However, you travel down different paths.

Paths forged by the Earth

That create different experiences,

Perspectives, and realizations

Along your journey.

Even so, you carry the same vision —

To Reach the ocean.

You are not sure why at first,

But something within you knows clarity

Can be found in the coming together of


Excited, these two rivers rush

At the sight of the bay.

Here the two rivers converge into one sea

Of ideas.

In its watery depths,

You find it is a place for innovation to be


Through the exploration of this vast pool of

Creativity your minds find a current,

A purpose,

A reason to serve,

A sense of clarity.

You ride this current of collective vision to

Its end where your efforts result in the

Birth of a beautiful service to the world.

However, it does not end here, no no.

Through more exploration of joint ventures

You find current after current,

Creation after creation.

A never-ending cycle of finding and

Expressing your truth.

All the while,

More rivers join in from all over.

Generating a collective group of waters that

Are free to live as one body, creating life to

Share with the rest of the world —


– C.H.

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