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The Two Most Debilitating Emotions And How To Overcome Them

In a perfect world, there would be no pain, no suffering. There would be no poverty, hunger, or social injustice. This however, is not a perfect world. We are constantly being challenged. Not just from the circumstances from our own lives, but also by others. Some people succumb to darkness and try to impose their negativity onto others. This can come from people whom you are close with as well as from sources such as the media. Darkness within this world aims to weaken us from the use and promotion of these two emotions: fear and doubt.


Fear will run your life, if you let it. Having fear of what may happen will stop you from attempting many things you desire. People fear the unknown. They fear what other people may think of them. Don’t. Don’t let your own fear stop you. You would be doing exactly that — stopping yourself. Don’t worry about what other people think of you. Worry about what you think of you. Don’t fear trying something new or challenging. One day you will be happy to be able to say that you tried. This world already has enough challenging barriers to overcome. Don’t be another for yourself. Break through the wall of fear.


Doubt, much like fear, can also run your life. Time and time again I see so much potential in people (including myself) and I wonder what is stopping them from attaining it. Then I realize that most of the time, we do. We are typically the ones blocking ourselves. We simply don’t believe we can do it. We don’t believe we can get that job or lose the weight or make new friends. Yet, people get jobs all the time, there are some amazing success stories of people losing weight, and new friendships are made everyday. Why not you? You are a human being too. Don’t hold yourself back. Let yourself be great. Break through the wall of doubt.

One of the greatest ways I have found to get past these emotions is to start a dialogue with the emotion. Talk to fear and doubt. Learn about them. Ask them why they are present. Then ask why a few more times until you get to the real why — the root cause for that emotion’s presence. Understand that they are creations fed by you and as such you can rid it from your life by choice. Choose to no longer let these emotions rule over you. Tell the emotions themselves how you feel about them. Write out this dialogue or letter to the emotion, crumple it up, and burn it. Then continue your journey anew.

– C.H.

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