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The Power of Visualization

Your imagination is one of your greatest assets. It is an incubator for your creativity — a testing ground for your ideas. Some people can sit in one spot and imagine an entire world filled with wonders seemingly unreasonable for our reality. Others prefer to write their thoughts down and gift us with the captivating stories we love to read so much.

Your imagination can also be beneficial in helping you acquire the things you desire in your life. When you apply your imagination to a plan of change, you prepare your consciousness for that change. By this I mean to say, there is a power in visualizing (or imagining) the life you want to live and your plan to get there. The better you are at creating and visualizing this “dream”, the more easily it will come to you.

For example, if you want a new car begin by visualizing yourself having that car. Every detail. Pick the make, model, color, and options. Visualize how the pedal will sit beneath your feet, how your hands will slide along the steering wheel, how the buttons with feel to your fingers, how traffic will sound around you, how you will look when you see yourself while adjusting your review mirror. Use all your senses and make it seem real within your imagination.

When visualizing or daydreaming, try to be as specific and detail-oriented as possible. After a while, you begin to “convince” your consciousness that the thing you have been visualizing is already yours. This will bring it to you quicker. After that, if you make a plan and visualize yourself going through the steps of that plan with the same detail, it will speed up this process even further.

Happy dreaming!

– C.H.

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