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The First and Arguably Most Important Step to Accessing One’s Divine Power

Meditation. Actually, the true first step would be deciding that you want to access your divine power in the first place, but we will talk more about decisions at a later date.

The practice of meditation is a starting point accessible to all of us. It doesn’t require anything but yourself. There are many different types of meditation that have different aims and benefits. According to the article in the Huffinton Post 8 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Life, here are some of the physiological advantages of meditation:

  1. Reduces Stress

  2. Improves Concentration

  3. Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

  4. Increases Self-Awareness

  5. Increases Happiness

  6. Increases Acceptance

  7. Slows Aging

  8. Benefits Cardiovascular and Immune Health

What about taking it a step further? After all, this blog is designed to be a space for us to search for something greater. To access an aspect of ourselves that is more evolved so that we can better our lives and the lives of others. Spiritually, meditation teaches us to quiet our busy minds, center our energy, and raise our vibrational frequencies. For us to access our divine power, we must connect with our divine self. The divine self is a version of you that is far more intelligent and more powerful. But it is still you.

When we quiet our mind deep enough, we will eventually connect to the consciousness of the universe. It is through this conduit that we can converse with our higher selves. Your body and everything around you is energy. Aligning your energetic frequency with that of the universe enables you to become more aware of your reality. This process begins with meditation.

One cannot fill a cup that is already full. We must empty our minds so that our divine selves can fill it. In this way, we will be accessing power that can allow us to change reality in our favor.

– C.H.

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