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The 50 Foot Hole

An old nugget I wanted to revisit. It was centered around consistent growth and not getting discouraged from your current place. Be present in your life and just focus on moving forward. Let me know your thoughts.

“Sometimes people come to me and tell me that they feel like they are not growing, not evolving. They are working on themselves diligently, but can’t tell if their work is truly advancing them.

There is nothing wrong with that thought. It is human nature to desire proof of change, in one way or another. For most, they want to see the difference or feel the difference. Not all change is immediate though. It is easy to get discouraged when one sees others grow and develop more quickly, but one must remember that not every soul came into this life at the same starting point. One must be patient. Try not to look at your practice as something that will completely change you today, tomorrow, or next week. Trust that it is benefiting you and do it for that reason alone. The concept of the 50 foot hole is the way I have come to help people visualize growth.

See yourself standing in a hole. The hole is 50 feet deep. At the top of the hole you see a bright, white light. This light represents your goal. We will use enlightenment as an example. Now every time you work on bettering yourself, every time you complete a practice, you move up one foot. At first, you can’t tell you are getting better because in your conscious mind you only see that you are still in the hole and still quite deep. You decide to keep going and give the practice a week. After one week you have moved up seven feet, but you don’t feel much different nor do you see much of a difference. So you stop. You don’t climb anymore. Often times, this is when people revert to behavior and tendencies that are detrimental to one’s growth. For each of these negative acts to one’s soul, a person drops down a foot. After 2 weeks of digging back down, you have now made the hole deeper than you originally started. You are now 57 feet deep.

Not everyone starts at 50 feet. Some start at 100 feet. Some start at 1,000 feet. Some at start at 5 feet. However, regardless of where you start, the only way to fully make your goal is to make up your mind that you are going to do whatever it takes to reach it. You have to be consistent. Keep climbing that hole. If you mess up and slip a few feet, don’t stop. KEEP CLIMBING.”

– C.H.

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