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Shine Your Light

Let me share this experience with you all from earlier this year. I wrote this March 27th.

I have been in Arizona the past few days visiting family, in particular my grandmother. Her health has been deteriorating the past year and I’m trying to get as much time with her as I can — I want her to know she is loved and appreciated.

My grandmother is an angel to me. She is a woman of great morals, charisma, wisdom, and compassion. She cares so deeply for people and has always tried to shine her light into the hearts of others.

Today I left her to go back home, but before I left my family went to brunch. As we walked in, a gentleman near the door noticed my grandmother. He walked up to her and told her that she had shined light into his heart. He said, “You have blessed me today and I would like to bless you.” He kissed her hand and told her that he would pay for the entire party’s meal (there were 7 of us).

We later found out that the man’s name was James. The manager said, “James has a heart bigger than the world. He pays for people all the time. He has been blessed and wants to bless others.”

I want to take the time to say thank you to James. You are truly a lighthouse of love. Continue to shine your light on those around you. I will do my best to do the same.

– C.H.

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