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Protect Your Space

One of the greatest things that I have done for my growth is protecting my space. What do I mean by that? Let me explain.

Your space, your energy, your aura, and presence is sacred. It is your foundation. The roots for which you can ground yourself. How you manage your space will greatly affect your life. What you say, what you do, and who you allow to enter your space, all influence your energy. In time this will manifest as either good or bad energy.

Now if you surround yourself by positive, loving, and determined people that energy will show up in your life. Sometimes as an internal change (you are happier and finding yourself in better spirits more often) and sometimes as an external change (you become more focused at work, get a bonus, or maybe a new healthy relationship).

Unfortunately, the same can go for the negative. If you allow negative people, negative energy to come into your space that can manifest into internal and external changes as well. You may find yourself more irritable or more impatient. When people ask what’s wrong with you, you may say “I don’t know” or “Nothing” when there is clearly something. You may begin slacking at your job or constantly ending up in abusive relationships. All events born from the choice of allowing negativity into your space.

But remember, it is a choice. You can choose the kind of people you surround yourself with — the people who you listen or lookup to. You can choose the mindset, language, and activities you allow yourself to take part in. You can choose whether or not you want to surround yourself with positivity or walk blindly in the presence of negativity.

Trust me, I understand it can be difficult. Sometimes negativity comes from those closest to us. Sometimes it’s family. And more often than not, we will ignore or downplay the negative energy developed around us when it comes from someone we care about. For example, you might have become sensitive to curse words and not like it when profanity is used around you. However, your best friend almost seems to be incapable of stringing together 3 sentences without the inclusion of these words. What do you do? I’ll let you decide. Just know you have a choice.

– C.H.

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