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No More Suffering

Let’s face it, life can be difficult. However, one of the greatest battles you will face is the battle with yourself. We tend to break down, block, hold back, punish, and abuse ourselves more than anyone else ever will. Many people will say that their negative attitude is born from their circumstances and that if their situation changed more in their favor, they would become more positive. However, that is backwards. Such thinking will only keep one running on a wheel, going round and round but not really getting anywhere. If you don’t believe me, just think about how long you have been waiting for that situation of yours to change. We have to change our thoughts first, then the change in our circumstances will follow. We must build up our self-love and let go of our self-hatred. We must learn to stop being our toughest critic, our worst enemy.

We are in a way conditioned for suffering. This planet, realm, reality, system or whatever you want to call it has made it seem that good things only come to people who have endure hardships, misfortunes, and failures. It has also implanted in our consciousness the thoughts that only so many good things can happen before something bad has to occur. It is as if we “will” the negative event into our lives from high levels of expectation. We become so sure of these thoughts sometimes we only look for them, for the bad events. Then completely forget or disregard the good ones.

But life doesn’t have to be like this. When we evolve beyond those “expectations” and understand that suffering is a choice, we can choose to let it go. We can choose to end the unfortunate circumstance. Then we can choose to not let it happen again. Make it up in your mind that you will no longer suffer. Heck, say it aloud and write it down while you are at it. I will no longer suffer. I choose to no longer suffer. What happens to us in our lives is not as important as to how we handle those events. You either choose to let it consume you or you choose to overcome it.

– C.H.

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