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Make Your Passion Profitable

When someone is trying to figure out his or her career path or occupation, it is often the case someone will look for the job that will make them the most money. Then a person will weigh in how much they think they will enjoy that particular job. Other factors come into play but I feel those are the main two. I think one should reverse that order.

Figure out the things you are good at and are passionate about and then look for something that can make you money in those areas. You have your entire life to work. Most people work at least 1/3 of their 24 hour day. If you are not enjoying what you do, you will be placing a large damper on your happiness.

I have seen and heard a number of people run from the talents that come naturally to them. Many times they do it because they don’t see a way that they can make a money at it or find it to be too difficult to pursue. But by running from it, you will only make your path more difficult.

Oddly enough, it is typically the things you are talented at and most passionate about that will allow you to make the most money. More often than not, if people are passionate about something they don’t mind doing the tasks that need to be done. One will work harder for their passions. They will work harder for success. Work becomes less stressful and one’s happiness benefits from it. When you are able to find a way to make your passion profitable, you will be able to truly live a rich life; financially, emotionally and spiritually.

– C.H.

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