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Do We Ever Really Die?

It may seem like a simple answer. There is a part of the mind that instantly thinks “of course we do, everyone dies”. You’re born, grow up, become an adult, have a family, grow old if you are fortunate enough, then you die. What about life after death? If you believe the death of your physical body leads to a different state of existence, did you really die?

If you were to look at the religious sector and focus on Christianity, the belief is that those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will gain admittance into heaven after death. Here they would spend an entirety in the presence of the Lord. However, if you die but your soul then goes to live forever in the land of milk and honey, can you say you really died? Isn’t your soul… you? Don’t your thoughts and desires reside in your consciousness and move on with you instead of being left behind six feet under the ground?

What if you don’t fully buy into the YOLO mentality and believe in the process of reincarnation? If I were to die today and in a few years come back as a baby to go through life again, that new person is a different vessel but it is still my soul. Say you did this for hundreds of lifetimes, each time learning and evolving, building good and bad karma that would affect the circumstances you were born with in the next life. Although they are different lives, it is still your soul that is traveling through these stages. So can you truly say you ever died?

I guess what I’m getting at is yes, your time in this state of existence is short. Regardless of what you believe, this body will eventually die (unless you have managed to become so enlightened that you are now an immortal). But death shouldn’t be something feared. It is not the end. Your soul lives on.

Now a question for you to ponder would be, does the soul ever die? Even if it did, some people believe that energy is recycled. So the energy from your soul would not cease to exist, but be transformed into something else. Share your thoughts with me in the comments. I would love to hear other perspectives.

– C.H.

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