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“Don’t be afraid to give yourself everything you have ever wanted in life.”

Desires are a part of all of our lives. A strong desire is a deep longing that we have for a particular thing, person, opportunity or event. Many people struggle with the thought of desires. They can handle the ones that are “reasonable” to them, but they are not sure what to do with their desires that might seem a little lofty, ridiculous, or even promiscuous. We shy away from attempting to achieve those desires. We may even avoid discussing them. You know, desires like wanting to eat the whole cake by yourself or wanting to make a million dollars a year or wanting a pet tiger that you took in as a cub and raised on your own or wanting every single item at Tybro or wanting to experience your own “Fifty Shades of Grey”. What do we do about those desires? Do we go after the more reasonable desires and let the more outlandish ones sit on the sidelines?

The soul wants what the soul wants. The strong desires a person has should not be ignored. If ignored, you will typically end up coming back to that same desire over and over again. Be sure to satisfy your deepest desires if you want them to pass.

– C.H.

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