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In each other’s presence, our personal bubbles collide. Our energies begin to change frequencies in search for congruency. It is in these moments that an energetic bridge is born.

Here, there is a dynamic transfer from being to being. Emotions, thoughts, and passions are sent in waves. Difficulties arise, however, due to the walls built over years of pain. At this time, we relinquish our need for control in hopes of finding harmony within the emotional chaos.

It is this space that we begin to understand the power of connection. That as we share our true selves, we release our darkness and allow our light to emerge. That when we open up to a group of like-minded individuals, we allow ourselves to face our battles as a team. We learn that there is a power in lowering our defenses — a strength in vulnerability.

The bridge becomes fortified with every expression of self. A new love and sense of self-worth is born. The flame within us awakens.

The two become one.

— C.H.

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